BBLOC Covid Protocols for Show Week

Consistent with the Company’s previously published Rehearsal Covid Protocol, and current GOV.UK Guidance and support, the following protocol applies to all relevant Company members and attendees. These include but are not limited to: cast members, musicians, non-acting members, appointees, assistants and production volunteers, back-stage, on-stage and auditorium crew and the like connected with the production through the offices of the Company.( BBLOC personnel)

  1. Assume responsibility for your own fitness to attend theatre and performances.
  2. Keep/ have access to, sufficient stocks of Lateral Flow Tests (“ LFTs”) to monitor risk of infection.
  3. Take a daily test before arriving at the Pavilion during the production week i.e. the get in, tech/ dress rehearsals, band calls, and performances.
  4. Take all sensible precautions in interaction with other personnel, and socially distance where practicable, both in theatre and at any social events.
  5. Report any positive COVID test results to the nominated committee member. (TBA on the Company website)
  6. Report any relevant symptoms or if feeling unwell, to the nominated committee member.
  7. Note that any personnel reporting a positive test, but where appropriate able to participate in the production, will be assigned to a separate dressing room allocated for show week.
  8. Note that stage crew members, back-stage assistants/ volunteers and the like will be encouraged to use face masks as appropriate.
  9. Avoid sharing costumes, microphones, properties, scores, make up, implements, toiletries etc.
  10. Use any sanitisers available and wash hands frequently.
  11. Open windows to maximise ventilation where available.
  12. Be aware that those clinically vulnerable and otherwise at heightened risk through COVID, attend at their own risk.

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