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BLONDE hair, plenty of bubblegum pink and, of course, Bruiser Woods – it could only be Legally Blonde The Musical.

Winner of seven major awards, including the coveted Best Musical 2011 Olivier Awards, the all-singing, all-dancing romantic comedy is at Bournemouth’s Pavilion Theatre until Saturday.

Following last year’s successful staging of Grease, BBLOC is putting on the production of the seemingly vacuous bubbly blonde sorority girl Elle Woods, who gains a place at Harvard Law School in a bid to win back the boyfriend who dumped her for someone more serious.

But if there’s one thing this show is not, it’s serious. Based on the hit film starring Reese Witherspoon, Legally Blonde is quite possibly the campest musical I’ve seen.

With a host of upbeat songs, energetic dance routines – including a very impressive turn with skipping ropes – and plenty of pink costumes and scenery, it proved hugely entertaining.

There were some very professional performances, including some great character roles and singing voices, showcased by the cast - including one who bravely managed to overcome a leg injury.

Even the two dogs, playing Elle’s beloved Chihuahua Bruiser and beautician Paulette’s pet pooch Rufus, put in show-stealing performances.

It was a little hard to make out some of the words, but that did little to detract from the fun of what was, overall, a well-polished production.

A great girls’ night out, which proves that being true to yourself never goes out of style.

Emma Joseph

Bournemouth Echo

AN ACTRESS lived up to the expression ‘break a leg’ after she busted a limb before the opening night of Legally Blonde at Bournemouth Pavilion.

Determined that the show must go on, Rachel Forsdike featured in more than one cast in her role as Vivian.

The musical, staged by the Bournemouth and Boscombe Light Opera Company, was specially adapted last-minute so she could continue to play her part, with a note in the programme so the audience were aware of her predicament.

Rachel explained how a mishap during the dress rehearsal the night before the show caused her to break her leg in two places.

"It was quite chaotic as we were all getting used to where the scenery was going to be, plus the nerves that it was nearly showtime."

"I was about to go on for my entrance and, thinking I was going to be late, I went onto the stage in the darkness. I suddenly realised that wasn’t the scene so I quickly turned around to run back off again and ran into one of the flats. It just sent me flying and I fell."

Instead of going straight to hospital, Rachel was committed to seeing the show through to the end.

"I kept on going as we had half an hour left. It was the last chance to get everything done before we opened on Wednesday."

"I even did the Irish dance but I think the adrenaline kept me going."

"After the rehearsal, my foot was quite swollen around the ankle. I didn’t think it was broken, though, as I was walking on it."

"I went to the hospital the next day as it was still quite sore. The X-ray showed two breaks in my leg."

"My doctor let me perform with the one condition that if I did a scene I’d have to sit straight down and not do any dancing."

"We went through the scenes and did a bit of a rehash. Someone said, jokingly, we could pretend Vivian had just come back from a skiing trip, but we decided to just go with it and hope the audience would understand."

Rachel added she must be “jinxed” as she had a similar accident before another show she performed in three years ago.

“I was playing the principal girl in a pantomime and I broke my wrist. I’m hoping this will be it now - it’s not going to put me off.”

Brendan McCusker

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